Monday, March 31, 2014

Hi there...

Hello world, it's me, Jenny. You may be wondering why I'm here, well if I tell you, do you promise not to roll your eyes?

OK, here it goes: I'm here to improve myself and to hold myself accountable by telling you. Make sense?

No? Why? You want to know what I plan to improve?  Sure, (take a seat, this may take a while) here it goes in no particular order:

1) I need to loose weight: I know, this is the one that comes up almost all the time. I do though, I'm considered obese (what a scary word)... really it's just a word, but it's true. I am carrying much more weight than a person of my height should be carrying. This is in the process of changing and evolving.

2) I need to learn to organize my life: my house is in moderate disarray - this doesn't work well with me. I think I may have been an organizer in another life who has totally lost her way. By that I mean I have dreams of having a perfectly organized house with labeled boxes, everything having a home and all things being returned to it's rightful place. I am in no way close to anything even remotely similar to this, not even a little bit. As it is {in my opinion} the very key to all my other issues, it NEEDS to be fixed. I will do that

3) We want to start a family: B and I want to start a family, we are on the road to this but so many other things need to fall into place for it to happen. By focusing on the previously mentioned things, we feel it will set us up for success - or at least we will know we have tried everything before moving on to other options.

There is what I plan to improve in a nut shell. As you can probably tell, it all flows from one to another. Ideally the way it will work - or at least the way I dream of it working out is something like this:

1) I organize my life - that means meal planning, house work, organization of every corner of the house, have an exercise schedule.

2) Weight loss - though organizing my life through exercise schedule and meal planning, all the thinking will be done ahead of time and therefore releasing any excises.

3) Starting a family - by organization and weight being in control, the family thing has a much better opportunity to happen, right?

I know I'm more than capable to make this happen, especially since I have such an amazingly supportive husband (B) who is more than willing to support me all along the way.

Starting April 1, 2014, I will blog about my journey for one year, on April 1, 2015 we will see how far I've come.  I could have started this January 1, but that's so cliche...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Onwards and Upwards

I write today to talk to myself, to get thoughts out there and sorted out so here it goes:

  • To look in the past constantly is living in the past.  Weight loss journeys you were on in the past that didn't work aren't a sign that it's going to happen again, however, if you keep looking back and fearing what happened will happen again, it will.
  • Look forward, learn from your mistakes and take these lessons to make your journey even more successful. Don't fear, look forward and know that you will succeed and continue to succeed. 
  • Keep an open mind, you don't know it all.  If you did, you wouldn't be here. ( I say this because at about the 5-6 week mark I stop tracking as diligently and being as strict as I was in the beginning) Keep your head in the game, 100% and you'll do great.
  • Deep down you know that this time can (and WILL) really be "this time", so don't give yourself any other reason to think otherwise because now is "this time"! You've got this.
OK, that's my self-talk for now. Thanks for listening and have a great weekend!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Starting again

Oh blogging, I have missed you but I have feared you. There was a time when blogging was necessary for me, and enjoyable. Every success and every failure was something I wanted to write about, it was an outlet that helped me sort out everything. It was also a great support, the blogging community is awesome. After a while, I started to feel pressure to write, not from my readers but from myself, and that's when I ended it.

Today I want to give it another go, I've missed it.

Two weeks ago today I began my NEW Weight Watchers journey. It was my 3rd time walking through the meeting doors and honestly, it felt great. I finally managed to work up the courage to be honest with myself and my husband, weight loss is something I can't do on my own. Ever since the last time I quit WW, my weight only went up. Not to my highest but it was close enough to open our eyes. Even when I wasn't loosing the last time, I never really gained and I know it's because I cared JUST enough to go to a meeting each week. Enough with the then... time for the now!

Today I begin week 3, I track EVERYTHING online. I don't lie to myself and "forget" to track, I'm honest. So far I'm down 4.1 pounds- and yes, that 0.1 DOES matter thank-you very much! And I'm feeling confident about where I'm going and frankly I love the program.

Since the last time I blogged I've added a big challenge for myself: I am a baker, I enjoy baking for my family and also for my community. Last summer I decided to start selling at a local farmers market and had a blast doing it, so much so I plan on hopefully doing it again this summer. Of course, with baking in my home comes a whole bundle of challenges that I am going to have to learn to get around. Tasting, sampling and tasting... man those BLT's (Bites, Licks, Tastes)can really add up, hey? It's a challenge that I'm going to have to work around but it's also an opportunity, an opportunity to be able to add healthier products to my otherwise not so healthy line. We'll see.

I hope the week is starting off on a productive foot! Take Care!